Pastor LG Ketrone has been serving the Lord for over 40 years.

His wisdom and grace is founded by his own spiritual journey to the Lord Jesus Christ, and a global exposure of the less fortunate.

Community and Children are most important to Pastor Ketrone.

His tireless efforts and love for rehabilitation of others, in addition to operating Orphanages in Africa, Haiti & South America is the Lords mission and a practice he simply continues...


New Horizons Gospel Assembly is a Non-Denominational Church in the Las Vegas Valley. This Congregation is lead by the Pastor LG Ketrone.

This is a Spirit filled Assembly serving as a member of the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ encompasses many Independent Congregations throughout the United States and the World.
We believe that the Holy Bible, Old and New Testament are for our consideration in all matters that concern Doctrine and Christian patterns, as well as our Faith towards God and His son Jesus Christ!
We believe these testaments to be inspired of God. Adam and Eve yielding to temptation led them to be fallen Angels, thus, Man is born in sin and there is a necessity for our repentance...

We believe in the virgin birth and Divine Nature of our Lord Jesus Christ the only Son of God! Jesus shedding his blood on the cross of Calvary provides the way of mankind to have life by receiving the Holy Spirit. 

We believe that fellowship is based on these principles and no other. And brothers and sisters who accept this as absolute then must work for peace and harmony with all God's children and mature in like manner as Jesus Christ, by living an overcoming life in among the Body of Christ in which Jesus being the head! do business with you.